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John Reardon
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I have long enjoyed depictions of women under hypnosis. My hypno interest began a long time ago. I have vague memories of seeing the "Man From Uncle" episode "Her Master's Voice Affair" on broadcast tv (to this day the best title for a hypno themed episode ever). I have also had a foot interest, which to me seemed to go well with hypnosis. So many of the scenes I loved from movies had beautiful women hypnotically summoned from bed in nightgowns and bare feet.

Foot focus is the largest fetish, so I was long aware there were others that liked feet. About 1997, I had my first foray into the internet, I soon discovered a shocking, but happy fact: I was not alone in the hypno interest.

The goal of this page is to provide PG content to those that fit in my small niche of the world. My work always depicts fantasies involving hypnotized women who are of adult age. Do not try this at home. Hypnosis doesn't work like this, and that is really a good thing for the world. While I keep my posts PG, I really think only adults should view this material.

I have no interest in any communications with minors. I do not mean this to insult, but because it is the right things to do. Please do not be hurt if I ask you as a correspondent to convince me you are an adult if you wish to speak about fetish related content. If I don't feel this is respected, I would have no choice but to take this page down.

I do not own the original photographic images I use, unless specifically noted otherwise. I am using them as the foundations for parodies of our culture, and therefore see it as fair use.

One last thing. You can like these things and have a productive, normal life, so long as you keep it reasonable and don't let it take away from what really matters in life. Try to keep it an "interest", not an obsession.
Ses13 by fumanchu55

My new tale "Compatible" is a tad different from my other works.

My little hypnosis stories tend to flow the classic tropes of films, comics, books, and movies of the past.  This means typically my hypnotists are evil masterminds that are up to no good.  I thought I would stretch a bit, and write of a more consensual encounter with a more benign hypnotist.  The story was also somewhat inspired in a sense by my recent collaboration with Southerncrossfire44, "The New Partner", which was a merging of foot fetish and and hypnosis stories.  I would therefore dedicate it to him.  I have also spoken to some ladies here, who seem to share Natalie's desire for hypnosis.  The story is also dedicated to them.  Finally, one of my longest internet correspondence has been with a friend who has written many fine stories about consensual hypnosis.  This one is for him as well.

Read "Compatible" here:…
Read Chapter One of a "New Partner" here:…

One last thing.....I really, really appreciate feedback.


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